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Use the text entered by me when publishing a re-shared post

I notice that when I reshare a post on G+ the RSS you generate doesn't include any of my added commentary, but rather starts with 'reshared post from xxx' and then goes straight into the reshared post itself.

I'd like to see my commentary on my G+ to RSS feed!

Example post

generated this RSS
<title><![CDATA[Reshared post from Roberto Inetti

+Robert Scoble was right, #Firebase looks really good.

<pubDate>Thu, 12 Apr 2012 19:24:25 +0200</pubDate>
<description><![CDATA[<div class='content'>+Robert Scoble was right, #Firebase looks really good.Dropbox for #JS objects!!, I&#39;m very excited :)http://www.firebase.com/</div><div class='attachments'><p class='attachment article'>
<a href='http://www.firebase.com/'; target='_blank'>Firebase - A scalable real-time backend for your website</a>
</p><p class='attachment photo'>
<a href='http://www.firebase.com/images/firebase_hero_graphic.png'; target='_blank'><img src='http://images0-focus-opensocial.googleusercontent.com/gadgets/proxy?container=focus&gadget=a&resize_h=100&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.firebase.com%2Fimages%2Ffirebase_hero_graphic.png'; height='100'/> </a>
</p></div>]]></description> </item>

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